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General Music Class

Keep those notes organized…you never know when an exam will creep into your immediate future!


















Special Announcements:



Upcoming Events…


LaVergne High School

…presents in concert…

Percussion Ensemble

Choraliers & Concert Choir

And  Special Guests…

“A Night Of Percussion, Song & Jazz”

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

LHS Auditorium

Showtime 7:00pm

Admission $2.00



Mid-State and


Congratulations to the following for the results of their 2006-07 auditions…


Mid-State SATB

Kayla Roe – soprano 1

Ashley Hingst – soprano 1

Ashley McClellan – alto 2

Mid-State SSAA Women’s

Amber Nunley – soprano 1

Cristina McNary – alto 2

Mid-State SATB Freshman

Gina Surber - alto


Kayla Roe – soprano 1

Ashley McClellan – alto 2

Ruth County Honors Choir

Brittany Sweeney – sop

Jessica Hunter – sop

Lyndsey Ducharme – sop

Kayla Bumbalough – sop

Aimee Sullivan – alto

Alison Thatcher – alto

Kayla Wright – alto

Cristina McNary – alto

Jacob Morphis – tenor

Greg Jackson - bass

Mid-State Jazz Band

Brad Beal – drum set / Band 1


A Night Of  Percussion

& Song 2005”

Dear Mr. Freytag…

One word…AWESOME!!

The performance (April 26, 2005) was absolutely wonderful.  You have added a whole new meaning to the word “percussion”.  I really appreciate all of your hard work and the work of your students.  Our music programs reflect quality & professionalism.

Thank you…

Avy Seymore

Assistant Principal


Congrats to the


Dear Mr. Freytag…

“Thank you so much for your (Choraliers) participation in this year’s (May 16, 2004) Baccalaureate Service.  The Parent Advisory Council appreciates your support.  Your contribution makes this a special event for both the students and their families.”


Pam Furlong, Pres.



A great note of congrats to The Choraliers…

“Mr. Freytag…

Wow! You’ve got the chorus sounding great! I heard them on September 11 at the Sheriff’s Office.  I especially liked “Amazing Grace” – a nice touch.  It was just a very moving service all around.  Thanks for what you do to reach our teenagers.  Let me know if I can ever be of any assistance to you.

In Christ…

Burt Parker

Miracle Baptist Church” 



“Mr. Freytag…

I just wanted you to know that I thought the choir (mass choir) sounded great at the basketball game last Friday night (2/20/04).  Super Job!

Jane Ailes

LHS Faculty













“The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.”






Units of Study for General Music [back to top]

Six Weeks Breakdown

6 weeks #1

Mechanics of Music Theory & Rhythmic Analysis

6 weeks #2

History of Classical Music (Medieval to Late 1900’s)

6 weeks #3

History of Blues & Jazz (Late 1800’s to present)

6 weeks #4

Latin Musical Styles & Influences

6 weeks #5

History of Rock N’ Roll (Today & Yesterday)

6 weeks #6

Roots of Country Music

Units of Study for Concert Choir [back to top]

Six Weeks Breakdown

6 weeks #1

Mechanics of Music Theory & Ear Training / Vocal Literature

6 weeks #2

Various Vocal Literature

6 weeks #3

Various Vocal Literature

6 weeks #4

Mechanics of Music Theory & Ear Training

6 weeks #5

Various Vocal Literature

6 weeks #6

Various Vocal Literature

Units of Study for Choraliers [back to top]

Six Weeks Breakdown

6 weeks #1

Mechanics of Music Theory & Ear Training / Vocal Literature

6 weeks #2

Various Vocal Literature

6 weeks #3

Various Vocal Literature

6 weeks #4

Mechanics of Music Theory & Ear Training

6 weeks #5

Various Vocal Literature

6 weeks #6

Various Vocal Literature

Units of Study for Percussion [back to top]

Six Weeks Breakdown

6 weeks #1

Marching Band Techniques And Literature

6 weeks #2

Rudiments  / Fundamentals / All-State Audition Prep

6 weeks #3

Percussion Ensemble – Christmas Concert

6 weeks #4

Percussion Ensemble – Elements of Musical Styles

6 weeks #5

Percussion Ensemble – Literature / Technique / Spring Concert

6 weeks #6

Percussion Ensemble – Symphonic Technique / Marching Prep

Units of Study for Marching / Concert Band [back to top]

Six Weeks Breakdown

6 weeks #1

Marching Band Techniques And Literature

6 weeks #2

Symphonic Band – All-State Audition Prep

6 weeks #3

Symphonic Band – Christmas Concert

6 weeks #4

Symphonic Band

6 weeks #5

Symphonic Band – Concert Festival / Spring Concert

6 weeks #6

Symphonic Band – Graduation Prep / Marching Prep



“Music is the stuff of life…it’s all around us…seeping into every pore…creeping into every thought.  Don’t miss it…just let it in and pour it right back out.”

Edward Freytag





Projects  [back to top]


Special projects will be assigned throughout the year in various classes and/or ensembles.  These will be detailed within the classroom and be assigned at various times within each six weeks period.


Vocalists…New 2004 Choraliers, Concert Choir…Stay on top of your current fundraisers…!  These are great opportunities to raise funds for concert wear and for the potential spring trip!



Percussionists…Don’t forget…each of you must play-off the easy level solos in “The Rudimental Cookbook” before April 24…!  Get busy!


General Music…


“Live inside the Clave”



“I’d rather play bad music with a bad band than play something I played 6 months ago.”

Miles Davis


Important Test Dates [back to top]


Most test dates will be assigned within the classroom.  There will be relevant evaluation throughout each six weeks period. 


General music class (1st period)…It is the responsibility of each student to make up any missed exams, projects, or grades before the end of the six weeks.  Don’t let a missed item turn into a zero in the grade book…get it done…! 


Percussionists (5th period)…It is highly advised that you complete any semester assignment as soon as possible.  Many of you have learned that it is not to your advantage to procrastinate on items such as rudiments, scales and etudes.  Always strive to be ahead of the game.   And remember, every performance is an exam!


Choraliers (4th period)… Remember, every performance is an exam!  The presentation to the public of what we do is equally as important as the preparation.


Concert Choir (2nd period)… Remember, every performance is an exam!  The presentation to the public of what we do is equally as important as the preparation.




“If I go one day without practice…I notice it…”

“If I go two days without practice…other musicians notice it…”

“If I go three days without practice…everybody notices it…!”


“The amateur musician practices until he gets it right…

the professional musician practices until he can’t get it wrong.”








Extra Credit [back to top]

Extra credit can and should be earned in all music courses offered in the Freytag Domain curriculum.  Extra credit will be awarded for (most) outside artistic endeavors.  Some examples would be…

Attendance @ plays, musicals, concerts of various types, visual arts presentations…

Participation in plays, musicals, concerts, visual arts, auditions, clinics, workshops, church choirs…

The extra credit activity must take place during the six weeks that the credit is being given…credit will be given during the first six weeks of school for summer artistic activities.

Please consult Mr. Freytag for further information and/or clarification concerning extra credit.


Please email your answers to the following questions…











“If you want to know about a man’s culture, listen to his music, look at his art, read his literature…and you will see into his soul.”



“Bird lives”


Favorite Links [back to top]

Percussive Arts Society


Smithsonian Institute


Pro-Mark Drumsticks


Drum Lessons Online


RowLoff Productions


Musical Instrument Encyclopedia


Metropolitan Opera


The Grammys


Miles Davis 


Charlie “Bird” Parker


UT Knoxville Music 


Internet Grammar

UT Chattanooga Music 


Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online


Jamey Aebersold Jazz

Instruction Materials


Tennessee Music Departments 


John (Trane) Coltrane


Jazz Education, History

& Techniques

International Association For Jazz Education 


Jerry Coker


J. S. Bach 



Wolgang Amadeus Mozart 


Internet Public Music Library 


Instruments of the Middle Ages


Drum Corps International


Pat Metheny Group

K – 12 Music Resource Guide For Music Educators 


Franklin Institute


Jazz Singers


LaVergne Band



“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing!”

Duke Ellington





Class Rules [back to top]

The expectations for all performing ensembles are uniform throughout the Vocal and Percussion departments.


ALWAYS be on time for classes, rehearsals, and performances.  A good rule of thumb is the following… ”To be on time is to be late, to be early is to be on time”.  Keep in mind that all performers need preparation before the rehearsal or performance begins…a start time is actually an indication of the beginning of rehearsal.  Performers should already be in place and partially warmed up before a rehearsal ever begins.  Mr. Freytag will be very specific about arrival and start times for all classes, rehearsals and performances.


ALWAYS be prepared for classes, rehearsals, and performances.  This includes having the proper equipment, making sure that all equipment is functional, being musically prepped and ready, and being rested and alert.


ALWAYS strive in classes, rehearsals, and performances to be an example of what a first class performer should be.  This is achieved by consistently giving 100%, always staying on task, assuming a leadership role whenever possible, being able to accept constructive criticism designed to enhance growth, helping other performers to grow and develop, never being a disruptive element (talking or discipline), and leaving ego outside the door.


ALWAYS take pride in your rehearsal areas.  Avoid littering at all times.  Make sure that the room is never in disarray as a result of you.  Do not participate in and discourage others from vandalism.  Remember, no food or drinks (other than water) in any rehearsals in the Choir and/or Band Rooms.  Take great care of and pride in school owned equipment (percussion instruments, computers, pianos, stereo equipment, etc.) and make sure that you alert the music staff if you witness unauthorized students playing or using school music equipment.


ALWAYS respect the personal property of other music students.  Do not play any other student’s personal instrument without that person’s permission.  Also, remember to respect other music student’s space and physical self.  No hazing will ever be allowed or tolerated.


In General Music class, ALWAYS participate in class, complete class assignments, be inquisitive with your questions, and strive to learn as much as possible about the most intriguing of the art forms…music!


And finally, ALWAYS be grateful that you have the opportunity to be involved in the study of the arts.  Be appreciative of the fact that you have a very qualified faculty within the fine arts department @ LaVergne High School.  Take advantage of the knowledge that is available to you.  Enjoy yourself, excel, and above all…have fun while you learn…!



“If Mozart were alive today, he’d probably be Prince…”



“Miles & Coltrane…say no more.”


Supply Lists [back to top]


You are obviously responsible for any and all implements needed to function and perform in all of the percussion related ensembles (sticks and mallets).  The music department will provide all major musical instruments for your use and mallets for large instruments (concert bass drums, gongs, etc.).  Each student is required to personally own at least 1 pair of concert snare sticks, 1 pair of Jeff Moore Rudimental Sticks, 1 pair of medium yarn marimba mallets, 1 pair of general purpose timpani mallets, The Rudimental Cookbook (or Just Desserts), and a stick bag (see Mr. Freytag about acquiring these items).  Each player must also have at each rehearsal / performance / or class a pencil, all pertinent music and/or folders, a notebook, sticks and/or mallets, proper attire (uniforms or designated outfits), a great attitude, yourself, and a well-functioning brain.



You will need to provide a healthy voice, a great attitude, a strong desire to learn and progress, a concert dress (females) or concert black dress clothes (males), a pencil and/or pen in each rehearsal, a notebook, and a black concert music folder (see Mr. Freytag for clothing and music folders).  Each member of Choraliers and/or Concert Choir is assessed a $50.00 declining balance to cover yearly expenses such as buses, operational supplies, accompanist fees, spring musical musician fees, awards, pins, plaques and chevrons.


General Music Students…

You will basically need pencils and/or pens, 1 composition notebook, 1 blank CDR and 1 blank CDRW .  It is strongly suggested that you have an inquisitive mind and a desire to learn about the mechanics of music, the history of jazz, Latin, rock, country and classical music, and the relationship(s) that these musical styles play in society.  This class is an excellent option for fulfilling a fine arts credit for non-performing students; however, performers are also welcome and encouraged to enroll.


“I wish for a world with a passion for compassion.”

Carlos Santana





Faculty Bio [back to top]

Instructor of Percussion
and Vocal StudiesEdward Freytag






Edward Freytag holds a Bachelor of Science Degree

in Music Education (instrumental / vocal) from the

University Of Tennessee @ Chattanooga (1976)

and a Master Of Music Degree in Jazz & Studio

Performance from the University Of Tennessee

@ Knoxville (1990).  He was Associate

Director Of Bands & Instructor Of Percussion & Jazz

@ Cleveland Junior / Senior High Schools in Cleveland,

Tennessee from 1976 to 1989.  While in tenure

@ CHS, his marching and concert percussion

ensembles and jazz groups received consistent

superior ratings and first place awards.


He has taught applied percussion @ Tomlinson College,

Lee University, Cumberland University and was the

Professor Of Percussion @ The University Of Tennessee

@ Chattanooga during 1990 and 1991.  Mr. Freytag

has been a percussion section member of both the

Knoxville Symphony and the Chattanooga Symphony

Orchestras.  He also has an extensive background as

an adjudicator and clinician in both the percussion

and jazz areas.


Mr. Freytag has performed and toured extensively throughout

the United States, Russia, Germany, England and the

Caribbean Islands with such well-known

artists as Liberace, Benny Goodman, Dizzy Gillespie,

Randy Brecker, Eliane Elias, Steve Allen,

Buddy Morrow, Donald Brown, Jerry Coker,

Ron Miller, Ray Stevens, Bill Watrous, Terry Gibbs,

Bud Brisbois, Mindy McCready (RCA Records),

Dude Mowery (Arista Records), Marilyn Martin

(Atlantic Records), James T. Horn

(Curb Records), Philip Claypool (Curb Records),

Ric Ferrell (Dreamworks Records), Thom Ellis

(E3 entertainment), Kimber Cleveland, Dr. Hook,

and the legendary Carl Perkins.  He has done openings

for the likes of Joe Diffie, Eddie Money, Tracy Lawrence,

Rick Trevino, Billy Dean, Shaver, Radney Foster, and Leroy Parnell. 

He is the founder of BOD Productions, Guru Graphics, Serious Percussion Publications, and is currently working as a freelance percussion artist and studio musician, private instructor, percussion and jazz clinician, and staff writer for RowLoff Productions in Nashville, Tennessee.  Mr. Freytag is

currently Instructor Of Percussion & Vocal Studies @ LaVergne High

School in LaVergne, Tennessee.  He is the author of  “The Rudimental Cookbook” and “Just Desserts”, the definitive statements in rudimental drumming.  Mr. Freytag is currently endorsed by Pro-Mark Drumsticks and

Row-Loff Productions.  He is an active member of the Music Educators

National Conference, Percussive Arts Society, International Association Of Jazz Educators, Tennessee Music Educators Association, Middle Tennessee School Band & Orchestra Association, Middle Tennessee Vocal Association, National Education Association, Tennessee Education Association, and the Rutherford Education Association.


Contact Information:

BOD Productions / PO Box 10166 / Murfreesboro, TN 37129-0166


615-631-6850 cell

LaVergne High School Music Department

Fine Arts Department Chair

250 Wolverine Trail / LaVergne, TN 37086


615-904-3870, ext. 24143


For more info about me, feel free to go to your favorite search engine and type in “edward+freytag” or “the+rudimental+cookbook”.  Happy Surfing…!


Published Works…

Cuban Concerto

an advanced feature piece for a rudimental snare soloist accompanied by full percussion ensemble and rhythm section written in an Afro-Cuban style.

2005 Row-Loff Productions


Letter From Home

a moving arrangement of the beautiful Pat Metheny ballad

2004 Row-Loff Productions


Just Desserts

the absolute companion to The Rudimental Cookbook w/ CD

2002 Row-Loff Productions


Fantastic Voyage (In Search Of The Deity)

an advanced original marching percussion feature written in the most contemporary style of indoor drumming

1997 Row-Loff Productions


Death By Oooga Booga

an original African novelty piece for percussion ensemble

1996 Row-Loff Productions


Brandenburg Concerto No. 2

an arrangement of a J. S. Bach piece for percussion ensemble

1995 Row-Loff Productions


The Rudimental Cookbook

the definitive statement in rudimental snare literature and methodology w/ CD

1994 Row-Loff Productions


The Entertainer

an arrangement of a Scott Joplin piano rag for percussion ensemble

1994 Row-Loff Productions


Smackin’ The Groove (contained in World’s Greatest Cadences)

walk beat for marching percussion section

1993 Row-Loff Productions


Some Skunk Funk

an arrangement of a Randy Brecker funk jazz piece for marching percussion

1993 Row-Loff Productions


The Easy Winners

an arrangement of a Scott Joplin piano rag for keyboard percussion quartet

1992 Row-Loff Productions


South Of The Border

an original Latin-American piece for percussion ensemble

1992 Row-Loff Productions




“Art is the result of the expression of the inner soul of mankind through the mediums of musical sound, dance, the written word, and visual renderings.  Its purpose is to evoke a reaction from the listener or observer…regardless of what that reaction may be.  May it always release the soul…and may it never be harnessed by the technical, political, or economical ideals of the mundane.”