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     La Vergne High School opened in 1988 in response to the population explosion in North Rutherford County. Smyrna High School had been the only high school serving this area for approximately 40 years, and its overcrowding was the catalyst leading to the building of two new high schools: Smyrna High School and La Vergne High School.

      Since its opening in 1988, La Vergne High School has operated at or above capacity. All available classroom space is currently being utilized.

Facilities of La Vergne High School

     In 1996 a new wing with fifteen 21st century classrooms and a computer lab were added, bringing the total square footage to 175,000. The 21st century classrooms and computer lab were technological milestones. These were followed by the addition of computers in each classroom at LHS. This was made possible by the combined efforts of parents, fundraisers and faculty participation in the 11th and 12th Grade Projects implemented by the Rutherford County Board of Education.

    Other exterior facilities include a football stadium with track, softball and baseball fields, soccer and band practice fields, and an improved outdoor classroom. Other major improvements include: extensive landscaping, a weight room, a greenhouse, a footbridge from the student parking lot to the football stadium, a new track, a football practice field, a memorial garden, a new roof, and 38

extensive security cameras.

     In 2005, another new wing was completed with twenty-two 21st century classrooms including five new science laboratories and two art rooms. This expansion also included a new front office building, renovated cafeteria and classrooms in the Career and Technical building. Each classroom at La Vergne High School now has Internet access and the school boasts a full-time School Technology Specialist. Other recent improvements include a new parking lot, a new entrance/exit to the Chaney Boulevard Parking lot to ease traffic congestion, additional lighting for the parking areas, concession stands and painting of the inside of the original portion of the school.

     La Vergne High School has entered the 21st Century by developing technological

advancements in every classroom. Our focus at La Vergne High School is to further our

commitment to education by striving to constantly improve attendance and to excel in the

academic arena.